TODAY I WANT TO EAT {Lost & Found} - Chapter 2

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I live on the Beach. I like it. I wake up in the morning, sometimes before sunrise. First thing I do, I pray. To a God, to angels. For good day. Than I swim. Little bit. To wake up, to move my body. I think I should swim more - aproximmatelly 4 kilommeters per day, but I am lazy hippie. And there are so many thinks to do on this Beach appart from swimming. Then I practice yoga. Not less than 15 minutes, not more than 30 minutes. Just a few excercises to force my body moving. Yoga is boring - for me. But it helps. Really. I prefer tai-chi. But I do not know how to do it, because I had just few lessons. So I do yoga. I learned yoga first from the book of Deepak Chopra. 7 years ago. And I was dancing in a dancing theatre "White whale" last year in Prague. We made performance "Opening 7 gates". Connecting dance and yoga. 7 gates mean 7 energetic centers of body - 7 chakras. I mannaged it till first performance in June 2013. Then the summer comes, we had holidays and set another performance for the end of September.

But I went to ecovilage Zajezka to one alternative festival "On Meadows". There I met boy with caravan travelling to a greece rainbow. I wanted to go to Greece and I heard something about rainbow before - so I decided to join him. I was wandering if I should really join him or not. Because he was travelling with one schizofrenic addicted on cigarets and alkohol and his car was badly crashed on the side of coopilot. But I wanted to go. So I joined them. Later I realized that schizofrenic is nice person and the driver is probably more crazy that him. But I loved traveling with them. I enjoyed the journey from Slovakia via Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Bosna and Hercegovina, Montenegro and Albania. We traveled from lake to lake. And in Croatia we swimm in the sea as well. But on rainbow we splited up and I found new friends. And slowly started to discover what really rainbow is. But I will tell you about this later. In another book. Or you can come to rainbow and explore it yourself. It is the best. Now I want to speak about my life on this Beach. So, after yoga I must be prepared to work - if it happens. It means, if I have clients for massages. Sometimes I do not have any clients for 3 days. Than I pray more. But it is o.k., becouse another day I have more client. I wish to have 4 massages per day - to earn enough money to go to Izrael and to buy a guitar to do basking {earn money by playin music on the street}. But I am waiting for Womens` festival. I believe, it will happen. Sometimes I do not have massages during all day. But it does not mean, I do not have work. Sometimes me and Tom go collecting figges. There are a few free gardens with figgtrees. Tom discovered it. First time we had been collecting figges from the dusty pavement and than washing them. But I enjoied it. I was so happy. I had all day infront of my eyes dream from previous night: That I am again in the office - where I used to work 7 years as a secretary of managing director - but hopefully just as visitor. And there is held Board of Directors. And my ex-colleagues are serving them coffee and sendwiches as I used to do it. I am walking up on the stairs and thinking: "How it is boring, Board of Directors!" And it really used to be boring. I used to sit on the meeting and writin Minutes of the meeting all day - from 7 a.m. till 4 p.m., sometimes till 5-6 p.m. And listening boring stuf. {Because they do not spoke to the point of view but all around...}. So, I was collecting figges from the dusty pavement, having this dream about ex-boring life in office infront of my eyes like a film and being happy that I can collect the figges - from dusty pavement. I am so happy! If I do not collect figges, I do other stuf. E.g. prepare poster for women festival or clean the Beach. It is my home - my kitchen, my bedroom, my bathroom, my living room. If I want to feel comfortably here, I must do it! And I want to do it! Sometimes I do not understand people. They come to the Beach, camp here and leave the garbage around or dirty shity toilet paper in children playground {where they are camping}! Why?! W H Y ??? I think, problem is, they are not travellers. The have just 1 - 2 weeks of holiday, living in flats and they do not ralized that next to them can be Somebody Who L I V E S h e r e! I would suggest to all people, try to live somwhere in the nature for 3 months or 1 year - as they realized, how it is, if somebody throw trash in their living room!
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