Today I decided to be happy

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{...should start second chapter of my book... TODAY I WANT TO EAT... which I started to write on the yourney} I woke up in Oren`s house pointing my eyes to the air contition. After sleepless night with some strange dream about boy who is crying and need my hug. In the evening I thought that the person who needs hug is me. What`s a shame! There can be somebody - may be next to me - who needs hug more than me. It is nothing easier and natural for me as give a hug. So why not to give a hug somebody who is crying infront of me? I woke up and after looooonnnnnnnng while I pointed my eyes to a turquoise-purple fairy hanging from the wall. It is seccond day, she helps me to wake up. Toda {it means thank in hebro}. Thanks for fairies. Somebody opened the doors on a terrace and I see green leaves wireling around a fence. Life comming to the house. I started to sing first hebro song I learned on my journey to Israel "Adama VeShamaim Chom Ha`Esh Tsil HaMayim Ani Margish Zot Bo Gufi Be Ruchi Be Nishmati, heya, heya, heya... heya ho..." and hear voice from terrace repeating "heya, heya, heya...".

Again - "Toda" for song, for musing, for voice... for possibility to make somebody else singing. I streched my body on a matracce and started moving and stretching and moving and stretching and moving my body. I changed repertoar and swiched to singing my favourite mantra "Om asato ma sat gamaya Tamso ma jyotir gamaya Mrityor ma amritam gamaya - Lead me from unreal to real darkness to light mortality to immortality". I wake up! Jump from the bed and barefoot step on a terrace. Waw! What a Magic View! On a Kineret {Galilei Sea}. Second day I enjoy how it reflects the Sun. Everything around is blue and the Kineret is red, in a morning Sun. I am waching on the Sun above me, Kineret infront of me and the Grean Earth below me and breathing. Kineret is in the middle, connecting the Sun and the Earth. Deap breath. I immersed to the essence of Life. Waw, I breath, I feel happiness... comming from simple things... from the Lake, from the Sun, from the Earth, from the Nature. It so simple! To wake up in Amirim, step on a terrace and watch the View... on Kineret! What a MAGIC!!! I know, it was the aim of a Spirit bringing me here, next to the Galiley Sea, where the Jesus filled the nets of fisermen with Fish. It was here where he walked on the surface of Galiley Sea. It is the aim of the Spirit come again through transformation. Burn all what I do not need, trow it away and "let the Way of the Heart shine throug". Get rid of the Jealoussy, get rid of Fear that there is not enough Love for me, get rid of need to own the person "I love". Toda for Kineret. Toda for Magic. Toda for Shine... Today there are no cats on a terrace. May be they left. May be they will come to another place. May be never come back again. I am little bit sad. But what to do. May be somebody else needs them more than me and this house. I took my guitar and start playing. "Song of the Heart" - Rainbow Songs. I come to the "Let the Sun shine, let the Sun shine in, the Sun shine in." Waw! Sun decided to shine more. The grey-white tiger cat is comming... giving me her back to be touched. The second cat, grey-tiger is comming. That one, who was two days ago jealous and shows me great theatre, how it looks like, when women are fighting becouse they are afraid, there is not enough Love for them. I touch both the cats, waiting if they will fight or not. Today the grey-tiger cat decided for peace. "You see, do not need to bea jealous. There is enough Love for both of you. I have two hands. I follow playing the guitar, singing and drinking my morning cup of tea facing the Sun. Sun is shining. TODAY I DECIDED TO BE HAPPY! TODA for Fairies. TODA for the fresh Air. TODA for KINERET. TODA for View. TODA for MAGIC! It happens in my Heart - transformation - but the Nature helps {or you can call her Mother Earth, if it sounds better and more "Rainbow"}. TODA for Awakening. TODA for TODAY. T O D A A R A B A... ...but I must finish, becouse Today I also want to eat. {This part of book is written for me and Tanya... "let the Sun shine in"}
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