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SOMETIMES things ARE HAPPENING... DIFFERENT way as we wish, as we plan... but at the end EVERYTHING has sense in higher context...

Sometimes you walk to HATUPIM beach to sing in a mantra circle and you find JUST ONE BEN ADAM and you play s ongs for him and have a talk with him and spend a nice time. By the way there, you ask for DERECH in LIFEQUARD TOWER and you are invited to play SHIR for them and drink a koffee as well... They ordered massages for tommorrow and you look forward to it - TO MAKE MONEY. In the "MORNING" you are hurry up to manage this meeting and SOMEBODY else makes for you breakfast as you are not in stress... just to do it for you...TAKE a brother... from COMUNA. You come to beach and massages are not happening because of some reason... But you drink YOUR CUP of COFFEE, swim in the see AND REST!!! and rewrite songs, things you could not find time before... Then you go basking to Rotshiled street with amazin Michal and Diego and Hutch {ze kelef} and play {music} and play {act} and sing for a PEACE and have a FUN and make person sitting next to you on bench laughing. Than meeting ANOTHER ARTIST also from PINK COMUNITY from Adamama {Ronen and friend} and another friends and hanashim join you and you invite them to join you and you have fun... and GLIDA as well from GUY from glida shop, who is also actor and playing JESSESS

Sometimes are things not happening as you wish. AVAL you can enjoy them AS WELL... have a rest instead of making massages, have FUN and make people laughing and smiling and connecting INSTEAD of making money. Today I did not DO any money, but I EAT and I WAS HAPPY as well... and HAVE MY CUP OF COFFEE and GLIDA from JESSESS as well in a HOLLY LAND when WAR started 2 DAYS AGO.

TODA, "JA" is the COOK

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