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Mr. N is sitting in his office. Mr. N is sitting in his office on HIS CHAIR all day long! He is not moving from his chair, because he is afraid that if he stands up, Somebody ELSE will sit ON HIS CHAIR. He even don`t go to do pipi! WHAT TO DO?, if he wants be sure Nobody else will take his chair instead of him, he could not move.      So, he is sitting in his office on HIS CHAIR all day long, he is sitting on HIS CHAIR second day – even not drinking, because his lazy secretary took again holiday. What to do? When there is Nobody , who could give him a glass of water. He could make a call and order drink from Coca-cola Beverages, but for this, he has her secretary. She knows the number of Coca-cola Beverages and she knows how to dial outside number. Mr. N know just press the short-cut button of his office phone marked SECRETARY. 

     So, what to do, if there is Nobody to bring him glass of cold water in this fucking killing heat on the 37th floor of skyscraper behind big glass-windows. So, he is sitting and waiting, till his secretary come back from 14-days holiday from Mallorca. He is sitting the third day, sweating two days and not sweating third day because he has nothing anymore to sweat. He is dehydrated!!!

     He is dehydrated, but not so much as he couldn`t realize it. "If I don`t move my as from this chair, I can dye!!! I need to do something with it!," he is thinking. "But if I move, Somebody ELSE will take MY CHAIR," saying his Ego. "Damn the hell! I am thirsty and I want a drink!," shouted so loud that the economical director above his office heard him and jumping out of the chair and throwing HIS CHAIR away so energetically that he surprise even himself. "What to do," apologize his naughty behavior infront of himself, "when you are thirsty, you are thirsty! And you have to drink! And he pointed to a water tap. But in the middle of the way, he fall down. So he follow to the water tap on his knees and shoulders like a snake. At the end he finally climbed up to a water tap on Wednesday 2014 at 12:20 European time. Open the water tap, and put his mouth to a stream of water. Finally he feel how the refreshing cold water is flourishing  his dry throat. He was drinking almost 3 hours. When he finished, he went out of his office and on the way to a toilets, he met cleaning lady. And say her to clean the office.

        Cleaning lady entered the office, turn off the water tap, put a chair in order and sit down {ON Mr. N`s CHAIR}. "Finally," whispered for her with a essence of satisfaction, "patience brings a roses." She directed hands towards telephone and dial no. 054 432 7659. "Coca-cola Beverages?," I would like to order 2 boxes of Coca-cola and 2 boxes of Fanta. Thank you. She dialed another number, "could you please deliver five pizza Quatro Stagioni, four pizza Four Seasons and three Hawaian on the address Rotchilled Boulevared 25, thirtyseventh floor? Thank you."

     Finally she dialed last number, "Rosa, the boss left. Call Tinny, Liza, Shoshana, Esmeralda and other girls. Party is starting. Now."

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